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E-Verify Employment Verification Schemes

The Impact on Native, Naturalized, and Immigrant Workers

Washington D.C. – Mandatory use of a federal database known as E-Verify (until recently known as Basic Pilot) to verify the employment eligibility of all workers is at the heart of a number of federal and state proposals.  The Shuler-Tancredo bill (H.R. 4088) is the subject of a "discharge petition" gathering signatures in the U.S. House of Representatives, and there are other similar proposals under consideration in Washington.  The state of Mississippi joined Arizona and Oklahoma in mandating the use of E-Verify by all employers while Idaho, Indiana, and Virginia recently rejected such proposals.

Experts on immigration, federal data, and employment will examine the pitfalls of such a massive increase in the use of this federal experimental program and what it would mean for employers, native-born, naturalized, immigrant and undocumented workers.


On the record briefing with Q&A



Tuesday, March 25, 2008; 12:00noon, ET

(11:00 a.m. CT/10:00 a.m. MT/9:00 a.m. PT)